Southern African food isn’t better than Sex, but Boy it’s close

surf and turf perfection

I don’t know about anyone else, but food is a big part of why I like to travel. Why do you think we go to France so often? Paris is 2 1/2 hours away by fast train, and yes, we go for the culture and history. But we plan big parts of our visits there around meals. It’s probably been our favorite food destiny, with Italy and Spain as close runners-up.

And then we went to South Africa last November…. Oh. my. God.

springbok heaven
a dessert too pretty too eat. just kidding!
beauty on a breakfast plate. none of the peppercorns were placed at random
every bite was perfectly ripe

Not to mention the wines and craft beers. My last food post was a naughty Valentine’s Day heart. But in some of the next posts I’ll  give you pictures of food to feast your eyes on.

Without bread, without wine, love is nothing ~ French proverb

oysters. I am still dreaming about how good they tasted

NOTES: © Jadi Campbell 2023. All photos © Uwe Hartmann. More of Uwe’s pictures from South Africa and his photography may be viewed at

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15 thoughts on “Southern African food isn’t better than Sex, but Boy it’s close”

      1. Thats awesome so happy for you! It’s a great way of life, getting to experience new places, cuisines, and things to see and do!

  1. After seeing your photos, one is left speechless looking at so much beauty of food and that is why it is said that food and sex have many things in common: they awaken our pleasures, they make us happy and they can even complement each other. Good weekend Jadi and I’m glad you can taste that variety of menu in different countries. Here the expression is valid: “Bocato di Cardinale”.

  2. I marvel when I read of people living in Europe being so close to so many different cultures and cuisines. All in driving or train distance.

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