Hard Times in Sugar Town!

Available now for free viewing on YouTube: Hard Times in Sugar Town! This show presents parallels and insights into our present-day crises….

Filmed in nostalgic black and white, Hard Times in Sugar Town is an evening of songs from the Depression Era and an original story by yours truly, featuring Derrick Jenkins, Tiffany Estrada, and Frank Eisele.

Directed by Charles Urban with Enel Kerler as Assistant Director and Susan Schwarz as The Host.

NOTES: Story © Jadi Campbell 2021. Enjoy our show!

6 thoughts on “Hard Times in Sugar Town!”

  1. I watched/listened. I loved your story. My only criticism is that the music interrupted the flow of it too much so I’d really like to be able to read it.

    1. Thanks Keera Ann! It was a joy to be involved with this project. I knew the singer and actor who would be on stage, so I wrote to their voices. There is some talk about doing the show in other cities in Germany!

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