The Animal Kingdom: 17

It’s time for yet another post on animals for your reading amusement: installment #17 from my blog thread describing what to call groups of animals … See how many you can guess. Answers listed at the bottom of the page.

  1. You won’t find this crèche in a crèche.
  2. The dissimulation’s dissimulation about what kind of animals they were didn’t last long.
  3. This herd must have heard – it has ears to hear.
  4. How the scold scolded!
  5. The mob wasn’t big enough to mob the fields.
  6. We heard the crash crash through the brush.


Mob, South Island, New Zealand
  1. Crèche of penguins
  2. Dissimulation of birds
  3. Herd of rabbits (domestic only)
  4. Scold of jays
  5. Mob of sheep
  6. Crash of rhinos
Crèche, South Africa
Dissimulation, Inle Lake, Myanmar

NOTES: © Jadi Campbell 2017. All photos © Uwe Hartmann. To see more of Uwe’s animal photos and pics from our trips go to  Fun animal names from, Mother Nature Network and

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4 thoughts on “The Animal Kingdom: 17”

  1. Hi Jadi–you may be the one who can answer this for me. I’m writing about Africa and their animals. I keep using ‘herds’ to describe every grouping of animals but maybe there are better choices. Is there a different way to say ‘herd of elephants’, ‘herd of gazelle’, ‘herd of giraffe’, ‘herd of chimpanzees’ (that one sounds terrible), ‘herd of pigs’ (is that just a family?). If this is in your expertise, thanks so much for the help!

  2. Delighted to see a comment from you here. “Dissimulation” is such an odd word, isn’t it? The pic of the penguins, like all the animal photos in this thread (and everything else on my blog) are taken by my husband Uwe.

  3. I love that “dissimulation of birds” is a group term, considering that dissimulation means to conceal one’s character…such intriguing possibilities arise from this association of words. Your capture of the S.A. penguins is adorable.

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