I’m back from southern Africa

Hi Everyone,

Uwe and I just got  home from 5 weeks in the sunshine. We drove around Namibia and Botswana, booked a shuttle to Zimbabwe with a day visa for Victoria Falls, and returned to South Africa for food and wine. We experienced something new every single day in this incredible part of the world.

You’ll be seeing and hearing lots about our trip in the weeks (and probably months) to come. The photos to come will all be from Uwe, but first he needs to sort through the thousands of pictures he took. For now, here’s an image of a pair of oryx grazing in Sesriem, Namibia. I simply stepped out the back door of our room and snapped a picture of them.

It was one of the best trips we’ve ever gone on.

NOTES: © Jadi Campbell 2023. Uwe’s photos of our trips and his photography may be viewed at viewpics.de.

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18 thoughts on “I’m back from southern Africa”

  1. Colour me envious. I spent an enjoyable week on conservation work in the Kimberley area of South Africa in 2005 (if you ignore the corneal erosion that plagued me from the day after I arrived). I’d love to go back.

        1. not glamorous?! It sounds like an ideal goal for travel and seeing nature and taking part in a great cause! Do you do this kind of work on a regular basis? It must be wonderful.

          1. The Trust carries out this work on an ongoing basis, but my involvement was a one-off. We’ve done some travel since then: a couple of trips to the USA (NY, NJ, MD, PA ans FL) and a couple to India, before COVID got in the way. Otherwise, with a succession of aging (and declining) dogs to care for, our overseas jaunts are currently suspended. Watch this space, though – we haven’t been able to visit my brother-in-law on Bali since he and his wife moved there getting on for fifteen years ago!

          2. Beloved pets are family members and yes, you should be there for them…. Keith, we were in Bali in 1999 (I can’t believe it was that long ago). I can’t speak to how developed it is now. When we were there, if you left the touristed areas you were quickly in the heart of a beautiful country and culture. We went to traditional dance performances in temples as often as possible and were lucky enough to attend a festival. I look forward to vicariously visiting your brother-in-law in Bali!

    1. The falls weren’t full when we saw them and I could only imagine what they’d be like rushing at full force! As it was, we got soaked with mists. I took a photo of Uwe taking photos, and the image of my husband in front of the gorge made me realize just how massive the falls are!!

  2. Best trip in the whole world. Out of all the MANY trips we’ve taken to the far corners of the globe, our trip to Botswana and Namibia (and Vic Falls) was our very favourite. Looking forward to your pics.

    1. Jane I’d LOVE to know more about where you’ve traveled in southern Africa – Uwe and I met a travel agent who was out researching lodges and he warned us that we’d get Africa fever and need to return to the continent soon and often….

      1. Jadi, I agree with your travel agent. Our trips were long ago now, but totally unforgettable. If you go back to Botswana and haven’t been to the Okavango Delta, I highly recommend it. Highly!! You were probably in Kasane on your way to Vic Falls, but if not that’s worth a few days stopover. Terrific night game drives and game viewing on the Chobe. I’m including these links to blog posts I write about these trips some time ago, including our trip to SA way back in the midst of time.

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