The endangered African Wild Dog

In Botswana it took two hours in a jeep on terrible roads to even get to Moremi Game Reserve. It was worth it: in the park we spotted a big pack of wild dogs.

Africa’s wild dog should probably be called the wily dog. They’re social and really smart and farmers hate them. The wild dog’s intelligence, speed (African wild dogs can run at speeds of more than 44 miles or 70 kilometers per hour), and hunting talents makes them a real threat for livestock.

Their sociable nature means food is shared with the entire pack. Farmers set out poisoned meats, the wild dogs return and regurgitate the food to feed the pups and other adults, and everyone gets poisoned. They’re one of the most endangered species on the planet.

A few days later we splurged on a doorless helicopter ride over the Okavango Delta. Uwe wanted to photograph migrating herds from the air, and I just wanted not to faint or throw up.*

This sign was displayed prominently in the airport.

On that safari in Moremi we saw one of the remaining large packs of African wild dogs.

NOTES: *Blog post on that experience to follow! For more info on African wild dogs go to World Wildlife Org © 2023 Jadi Campbell. Photographs © 2023 Uwe Hartmann.

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      1. You’re right, for sure. They just look too much like hyenas for my liking. We had a number of close encounters with hyenas while camping in Botswana and my admiration for wild dogs suffers from that association!

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