The Animal Kingdom: 34

The month of June is 3 weeks old and I haven’t posted a thing. This is the very first time since I started blogging that I’ve stepped outside of my blogger routine….

Right now I am overwhelmed, battered by the heaviness in the air. The world feels so sad. This too shall pass. For today, on the summer solstice, I want to come out of my cocoon long enough to wish everyone a summer filled with light and grace.

Installment #34 of my never-ending blog thread describing what to call groups of animals … See how many you can guess. Answers listed at the bottom of the page.

white swan 01 hd picture

  1. I marveled at the marvel.
  2. The cast was cast.
  3. As the clash clashed, the ground trembled.
  4. The party was ready to party!
  5. Did the regatta have regrets?
  6. The flight of a flight would be quite a sight.
Clash, Kanha Tiger Reserve, India
  1. Marvel of unicorns
  2. Cast of hawks [1]
  3. Clash of bucks
  4. Party of rainbow fish
  5. Regatta of swans (on water)
  6. Flight of dragons

NOTES: [1] Cast refers to two hawks, released from their jesses to hunt game. © Jadi Campbell 2017. Swan image courtesy All other photos © Uwe Hartmann. To see more of Uwe’s animal photos and pics from our trips go to Fun animal names from, Mother Nature Network and

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8 thoughts on “The Animal Kingdom: 34”

  1. The thread of your post reminds me by association of the book “Martin Marten” by my late friend and amazing NW author, Brian Doyle. I think you would enjoy it. Brian was a wonderful human being and left us far too young. Thanks for the indirect memory.

  2. Trying again to comment. I haven’t had success in months. I’m appreciating these list of groups of animals!

    1. YIKES!! IT WORKED!!! I want you to know I’ve read each post and tried to comment. Hopefully, it will work again next time.

    1. Thank you for that reminder. For the natural world, at least, this has been a chance to heal. My post was maybe subconsciously chosen to reflect that…

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