Interview with Alex Pearl

Follow this link for my interview with the witty EastEnder Alex Pearl! Among other things, we talk about stunt men, building teepees, and poisonous mushrooms….

Books by Alex Pearl

NOTES: © Jadi Campbell 2021. Interview © Alex Pearl.

The Trail Back Out was named an American Book Fest 2020 Best Book Awards Finalist in the category  Fiction: Anthologies.  The title story The Trail Back Out was longlisted for the 2021 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Award. Two strangers meet in the woods. Children wear masks. A gambler hides in the cellar during a Category Five hurricane. A wife considers a hit-man’s offer. Princess Rain Clouds searches for happiness. An entire village flees, a life is saved, and a tourist in Venice is melting. Everyone keeps trying to make sense of strange events far in the past or about to occur. Let these characters be your guides. Join them on the trail back out – to a familiar world, now unexpectedly changed.

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5 thoughts on “Interview with Alex Pearl”

  1. Congratulations on your book. The cover looks great with the painting. At least with your summary, it gave me an idea of what it is about and the topic is very interesting. For reasons of the language, I will not be able to buy it .. Of all, I am sure that you will be the best in sales. A big hug and good luck.

    1. Interesting question – I have read small loving pieces with my writers’ group at public readings, but have nothing in print yet. A book of personal essays is in the plans for someday! The closest I come, I think, is the story “Princess Rain Clouds” in my newest book The Trail Back Out. The setting is a small lake – my experiences at that lake were far, far happier than Princess Rain Clouds’ are, but the setting is taken from real life, including the eerie blobs of plastic beer rings lit on fire and dripping to the ground, and the religious retreat down the dirt road…. in my book I make the retreat interdenominational and give it stained glass windows… otherwise, every detail is taken from childhood memories.

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