LIVE! The Green Under the Snow, from my new book The Trail Back Out

Starting NOVEMBER 13th AT 8PM! The Writers in Stuttgart’s live-streamed reading is back up on youtube, through the week! If you missed hearing us read in October, this is your chance. I read from my new book at about the one-hour mark in the program.

Click on this link to go there, and enjoy! The Writers in Stuttgart 

NOTES: © Jadi Campbell 2020. The Trail Back Out is finished and available for purchase. In my new collection of short stories, two strangers meet in the woods. Children wear masks. A gambler hides in the cellar during a Category Five hurricane. A wife considers a hit-man’s offer. Princess Rain Clouds searches for happiness. An entire village flees, a life is saved, and a tourist in Venice is melting. Everyone keeps trying to make sense of strange events far in the past or about to occur. Let these characters be your guides. Join them on the trail back out – to a familiar world, now unexpectedly changed.

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2 thoughts on “LIVE! The Green Under the Snow, from my new book The Trail Back Out”

  1. Hi Jadi, this is Jeffrey Keen with American Book Fest. Your title has placed as a finalist in the 2020 Best Book Awards. Our announcement e-mail to you bounced back to us. Please visit and e-mail us from the About Us page with a different e-mail address. THANK YOU!

    1. Hi Mr. Keen, I have sent you an email message via your About Us page, and also sent a message to you on your Facebook page. I am thrilled and deeply honored that you have named The Trail Back Out a finalist for your Fiction Anthologies award!

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