The United Buddy Bears

Many people feel Berlin is now the cultural heart of Europe. Creative impulses come from Germany’s capitol and spread from there. One of the quirkiest is the Buddy Bears.

Circle of United Buddy Bears, Stuttgart
Circle of United Buddy Bears, Stuttgart

The Buddy Bears creators were  inspired by the cow parades in New York and Zurich. Eva and Klaus Herlitz of Berlin wanted to initiate a similar street art project. The bear is the icon of Berlin, and thus in 2001, the Herlitzes created the first bear with a sculptor named Roman Strobl.

United Buddy Bear New Zealand
New Zealand

Their projected expanded, and in 2002 it went international. They had a bear created for every country the UN acknowledges, all designed by artists native to each country. To date 148 2-meter high fiberglass United Buddy Bears have been painted. The bears have their arms raised as if they’re holding hands. (This can also be described as the laughing Buddha pose.)

The first display took place in a circle around Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. One and a half million people saw the exhibit, always free of charge. The circle symbolizes the Art of Tolerance. Since then, they’ve toured 5 continents and stood in an alphabetical circle in the centers of 17 host cities.*

Uzbekistan and Uruguay
Uzbekistan and Uruguay

In 2008 the Buddy Bears came to the Schlossplatz in downtown Stuttgart. (Read my post The Year the World Came to Party about how the 2006 Soccer World Cup transformed Germany. The Schlossplatz is where Uwe and I went each night with friends to watch the games on big screens.)

The United Buddy Bears send a message about peace, understanding, love and tolerance among the world’s nations, cultures and religions. Each bear is painted with images of the culture, history, landscape, economy, art and music of its country.

IMG_2487When new bears are commissioned, the older ones are auctioned off. All monies go to UNICEF and other childrens’ charities. To date (December 2013), over 2 million Euros have been raised for charities such as Eva Herlitz’s Buddy Bear Help!

Over 240 artists have been involved in the project, and more than 30 million visitors have seen the United Buddy Bears. A smaller circle of United Buddy Bears-The Minis (1 meter high) also tours.

South and North Korea, side by side
Brazil and Bulgaria

IMG_2452 IMG_2453 IMG_2454The United Buddy Bears exhibitions are always opened by national and foreign dignitaries. They even have a Special Ambassador:  the actress Dennenesch Zoudé. After he saw the bears in  Berlin, actor Jackie Chan made sure the bears came to Hong Kong.  UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Sir Peter Ustinov saw them and he insisted that Iraq be represented.IMG_2464

There is one very special grey and white bear, a polar bear. He has the image of Albert Einstein and the following quote: ‘Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding’.

Kirgyzstan, Columbia, Congo and Congo-Brazzaville

NOTE: * It’s fascinating to consider that United Buddy Bears change their order as they travel. The circle is always organized in the language of the host country. Buddy Bears may suddenly hold hands with distant or hostile neighbors…IMG_2495

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Photos Copyright © 2013 Jadi Campbell. (All photographs can be enlarged by simply clicking on the image.)

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  1. Thanks for a great post. It’s not clear, but I’m assuming there is always a permanent display of Buddy Bears in Berlin in addition to the ones that travel? I will be visiting Berlin this summer and would really like to add this to my list of must-dos

  2. How fun! Love these. We had similar cows randomly ‘grazing’ in different parts Houston – thought those were great too.

    1. The bears were a lot of fun. They’re in Brazil this year along with the World Cup. I took the photos but most of my posts the pics are from my husband. He’s by far the better photographer!

        1. Jadi Campbell on February 21, 2014 at 12:46 said: Edit

          Read my post “The Year the World Came to Party” to see pics from when Germany hosted the World Cup. God, it was fun. A month-long party! We haven’t been to Rio but I tend to agree, to visit Rio during soccer madness would be, well, madness. Thanks again for the comments!

  3. This was so much fun! I’m a sucker for the cows and the horses and all the rest of the city-sculpture-WTFs. Thanks for sharing, and best wishes for a fabulous 2014.

  4. May the bears just be a premonition of what is to come so that instead of bears standing together, the real countries like North an South Korea develop the tolerance to do the same.
    Happy New Year Jadi.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

    1. Thanks David! The bears are such a sweet way to spread a message of peace and tolerance. They’ll be in Brazil in 2014. Happy New Year to you as well.

  5. What a wonderful post – and such an inspiring story… lovely to start off the New Year with such glorious creativity and ideals – thank you Jadi, and a happy new year to you – and the Bears !

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